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Schmitt, R. Hay, W. Siegenthaler, U.

Sarmiento, Atmospheric carbon dioxide and the ocean. Nature, , Schimel, I. Enting, M. Heimann, T. Wigley, D.


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Climate, 7 , This study presents an alternate evaluation methodology to point scale observations in Africa. The paper enables users to select an ET product based on their performance to selected criteria using a ranking system. This study focuses on solving the land use and water use competitions between lake-marsh wetland system and its surrounding socio-economic system, also inside the system.

An optimal lake-marsh pattern determination method was proposed on considering the ecological services values and water shortage amount. We explored the optimal lake-marsh pattern in both annual and monthly scales. This study could provide references for the ecological spatial management and ecological water control. Studies of the surface energy balance of the earth SEB often show that measured incoming energy exceeds the sum of measured outgoing energy terms.

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The present study models two contributions to the outgoing terms of the SEB: a water vapor and dry air are non-ideal gases and b the contribution of evaporation to the convective heat. As anticipated, the results are insufficient to resolve the closure mystery. But they should provide insights into atmospheric thermodynamics and the SEB.

  • Electrochemistry. Proceedings of the First Australian Conference on Held in Sydney, 13–15th February and Hobart, 18–20th February 1963.
  • European Middle Ages: feudalism and serfdom.
  • The integrability of the derivative of a conformal mapping?
  • Reflexivity and Development Economics: Methodology, Policy and Practice;
  • A Womans Way: The Forgotten History of Women Spiritual Directors.
  • Hann, Julius von 1839-1921.

Julia L. Revised manuscript accepted for HESS discussion: closed, 4 comments.

Surprisingly rapid spreading of newly formed intermediate waters across the North Atlantic Ocean

We describe, present and make publicly available two extensive data sets of stable water isotopes in streamwater and precipitation at Plynlimon, Wales, consisting of measurements at 7-hourly intervals for 17 months and at weekly intervals for 4. We use these data to calculate new water fractions and transit time distributions for different discharge rates and seasons, thus quantifying the contribution of recent precipitation to streamflow under different conditions.

Pauwels, Alan Seed, and Jeffrey P. We characterised for the first time the rainfall microphysics for Southern Hemisphere temperate latitudes. Co-located instruments were deployed to provide information on the sampling effect and spatio-temporal variabilities at micro-scales. Substantial differences were found across the instruments, increasing with increasing values of the rain rate.

Specific relations for reflectivity-rainfall are presented together with related uncertainties for drizzle, stratiform rain and convective rainfall. This study quantifies uncertainties in the prediction of long-term water balance for mine reclamation soil covers based using random sampling of model parameter distributions. Parameter distributions were obtained from model optimization for field monitoring data.

Variability in climate is a greater source of uncertainty than the model parameters in evaporation predictions, while climate variability and model parameters exert similar uncertainty on predictions of net percolation. Charlotte M.

BG1 – General Biogeosciences

The flow of freshwater in rivers is commonly studied with computer programs known as hydrological models. An important component of those programs lies in the description of the river environment, such as the channel resistance to the flow, that is critical to accurately predict the river flow but is still not well known. Satellite data can be combined to models to enrich our knowledge of these features.

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Here, we show that the coming SWOT mission can help better know this channel resistance. Eva Mekis, Ronald E. Stewart, Julie M. Theriault, Bohdan Kochtubajda, Barrie R. Bonsal, and Zhuo Liu. Several indicators were developed to account for their occurrence and duration as well as associated precipitation types.

Wide ranges in occurrence, but relatively few statistically significant trends, were associated with these variables. Traditional trans-boundary water management considered mainly inter-water basins. However, water is embedded in food products, thus food trade could be regraded as a main factor for inter-regional water management. This study quantified regional distribution of domestic rice in Japan using a gravity model, and analyzed how local security and weighted distribution of rice could affect water and food managements in both ares of production and consumption through regional virtual water flows.

The implications of forecast-based reservoir operation have been considered to be innovative approaches to water management.

Despite the advantages, climate-related uncertainty may discourage the utilization of forecast-based reservoir operation in water resources management. To mitigate this concern, this study presents an evaluation framework under a variety of potential climate conditions.

Results provide system robustness evaluated over diverse uncertainties related to climate change. This paper presents the application of a new approach for calculating the path of a pressure transient in a heterogeneous porous medium containing a slightly compressible fluid. Unlike previous asymptotic approaches the expressions for the path and travel time valid in the presence of rapid variations in material properties.

The technique is applied to both synthetic transient pressure variations from a test example and actual field data from a field experiment in Widen Switzerland. Manuscript under review for HESS discussion: final response, 6 comments. Passive remote sensing of soil moisture has good potential to improve weather forecasting via data assimilation in theory. The conclusion will help in understanding the passive remote sensing soil moisture products.