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Get our Newsletter. Once your mind and spirit are healed of the burdens that weigh them down such as low self-esteem, fear, greed, loneliness, or bitterness , you can make the healthy diet and exercise choices you need to make for your body to heal.

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The hardest part of the weight loss journey is usually getting started. Considering all the hard work ahead of you can be daunting, and even overwhelming.

COMPLETE BODY HEALING Guided Meditation/Reprogramming

They can help you see yourself as God sees you, so you can understand how valuable you are and how worthwhile it is for you to take good care of yourself by becoming physically fit. Angels can give you the wisdom you need to set realistic and measurable goals that will help you gradually lose weight: from what foods to eat and how to control your portions to what types of exercise to do and when to schedule your workouts. If you regularly ask God and his angels to guide you, they can help you make the best decisions throughout your weight loss process.

Exercising can be exhausting for a while until your body adapts to your new workout routines.

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  • Angels can send you fresh doses of energy to strengthen your body for physical exertion. One way angels do so is by redirecting the balance of energy within your body through your chakras , which are energy centers in different parts of your body that affect your overall health in different ways. The chakra that corresponds most directly to the process of transforming your body by losing weight is the sacral chakra, which is associated with angels who work in the purple light ray.

    If you're having trouble controlling your portion sizes, angels can deliver the self-control you need. Angels can empower you to break your food cravings by placing new thoughts in your mind.

    Why Mindfulness Meditation Is Such A Powerful Weight Loss Tool – EOC Institute

    Those thoughts can give you a fresh perspective on those foods, so they won't be enticing to you any longer. Then angels can give you ideas for new ways that you can enjoy healthy foods in your diet. If you've got an unhealthy habit of eating for emotional reasons, angels can help you break that habit when you pray about your emotional needs and ask them to help you turn to God rather than to food to meet those needs.